Sileru Dam and Darakonda Temple

Published: 07-10-2016,09:11:55pm

Sri Dharalamma Ammavari Temple is shakti temple located at Dharakonda, Andhra Pradesh and it is located at a distance of 106 km north west from Narsipatnam. The temple is situated on the way of Narsipatnam to Sileru Road. 

Sileru Dam is one of the beautiful place located at a distance of about 120 km north west from Narsipatnam. Sri Maremma Ammavari Temple is one of the famous temple situated near Sileru Dam. Sri Daralamma Ammavari Temple and Sri Maremma Ammavari Temple are famous temples near Sileru.

Sri Dharakondamma Ammavaru is a powerful deity of the Dharakonda. There is a staunch belief among the devotees that their sins are washed off and desires fulfilled by offering prayers to the deity.